Webinar: the powerful future of open banking

1 min read|Published May 19, 2022
Webinar - From open banking to open data economies

This webinar takes a close look at the findings from Tink’s latest report, ‘From open banking to open data economies’. Research Director Jan van Vonno runs through how open banking is set to change in the coming years and expand out from the financial sector to create open data economies.

Jan van Vonno, Head of Industry Strategy at Tink

Although open banking is still quite far from global market adoption, it’s undeniable just how quickly it’s moved beyond what it was a few years ago. In its place, open finance has emerged as a bridge toward open insurance, and open data economies.

Watch the webinar now and learn all about:

  • How open banking is evolving towards open data economies

  • Why open data economies are set to transform the financial services industry

  • How to prepare for the next frontier in digital financial services

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