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Savings goals

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This is Money Manager

Discover how Money Manager can help you create better relationships with your customers, coach them towards better financial health, and increase engagement for your banking app.

Savings goals

Improve loyalty by connecting savings goals to accounts.
Use tags and descriptions to help achieve targets.

Left to spend

Provide statistics on how much monthly income is left to spend. Forecast upcoming transactions and spending behaviours based on historical patterns.


Give proactive advice on how users can improve their finances, through insights on their savings, income and expenses.


Allow users to manage budgets across all accounts and categories. Offer automated budget recommendations, based on their top category spending.

How can Money Manager help you?

Your users one-stop-shop for their financial management - your toolbox for financial coaching and increased engagement.

Provide the key tools

Offer the tools that help make a difference, and support your users to understand, manage and improve their finances.

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Coach the individual - not the account

Financially coach users across their entire financial situation by allowing them to connect all their accounts, regardless of where they bank. Enabling a holistic financial overview.

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Increase engagement

Get to know customer needs by accessing deeper data, and offer more relevant services. Increase engagement and time spent in your app by leveraging Tink and an ecosystem partner, and offer services beyond finance, like Co2 tracking.

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Let the numbers tell the difference

6 months

Financial coaching with a quicker time to market. One of Tink’s customers launched their PFM app to users in just 6 months.

+33 %

One of Tink’s customers had +33% new user acquisition when launching their banking app.

11+ years

We’ve been building and refining digital-first engagement solutions for over a decade, making Tink the preferred partner.

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Tink API

One integration connects you to


Connections to all major banks across Europe


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Easy to follow guides that help you get started with Money Manager

Introduction to Money Manager

Money Manager is a suite of financial management tools, available as SDKs or via the Tink API. Learn more about it in this article

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Create a list of categorised transactions

How you can get started with Money Manager by fetching a list of categorised transactions.

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Check your remaining ‘Left to Spend

Find out how you can see how much a user has left to spend in the current salary period.

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