Webinar: open banking – powering the future of payments

1 min read|Published June 22, 2022
Webinar - The future of payments is open

In this webinar, Director of Research Jan Van Vonno and Head of Payments and Platforms Tom Pope discuss the findings of our latest report, ‘The future of banking is open’. The report covers the move from a world where cash is king, to a payments’ ecosystem powered by open banking.

The future of payments is open

We’re at a tipping point in the financial industry, where financial executives across Europe are realising the transformative power of open banking payments. Our latest report reveals that security, speed, and low cost are considered the top benefits of payment initiation services – but that barriers to full-scale adoption remain.

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  • How we’re moving towards a cashless world

  • The greatest drivers and challenges of open banking powered payments

  • How to prepare for and benefit from an open payments’ ecosystem

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