Expanding the Tink platform into France

2 min read|Published January 27, 2020
France map

Advancing on our quest to provide a pan-European open banking ecosystem, we’re launching the Tink platform in France. This lets local businesses, banks and developers access financial data from some of the country’s largest financial institutions to offer French consumers the next generation of personalised and data-driven services.

France is bubbling with opportunity. The country hosts a booming startup sector and a tech-forward financial ecosystem – where the number of cashless payments are among the highest in the EU, and neobanks are drawing in millions of users to their ranks. 

This makes for the perfect backdrop to launch our platform in France – which allows businesses and developers to build next-generation services by leveraging customers’ financial data. Now live in a total of 13 European markets, the platform also lets businesses easily expand their services across the continent.

To facilitate the widest possible coverage, we’ve connected to the PSD2 APIs of many of the country’s largest banks, like BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, CIC, Crédit Mutuel, Société Générale and ING. And of course, we plan to keep adding new ones and improving the existing connections with time.

Localised Tink Link flow for France

Localised Tink Link flow for France – customers select their bank, authenticate and connect to their accounts through a Tink-powered service.

One API – endless opportunity 

Our aim is to set the ground for innovators to deliver smart and personalised services that make a difference for millions – and help satisfy the strong demand for digital banking in France. 

For us, it doesn’t matter who’s doing the innovating. Banks and fintechs, startups and developers, insurers and retailers – everyone is welcome to build their ideas on our platform. 

The Tink platform – which you can try out for free – gives access to aggregated and enriched data from over 2,500 European banks through a single API, making it easier for anyone to embrace the era of data-driven innovation.

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