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Scaling that goes up to the billions

More than having the broadest, most reliable connections across Europe, the Tink platform has the scale to suit big international customers. We handle over 1bn monthly API calls with 99.9%+ uptime.

Proven solutions, loved by millions

Our tech is behind some of the most successful and appreciated financial services brought to millions of consumers by industry leaders like PayPal, Lydia, NatWest, CGD and EnelX, among others. 

One platform, endless possibilities

We offer a range of products that can help businesses achieve a series of different goals. From streamlining onboarding, attracting new users with award-winning apps – to processing millions in payments.

The platform for the market leaders



Increase engagement and conversion by giving your customers a fully embedded payments experience – at a fraction of the cost.

Variable Recurring Payments

Smarter, faster recurring payments. VRPs are the new way to enable frictionless, real-time open banking payments.


Increase customer loyalty with instant refunds and withdrawals.

For industry leaders

“We are proud to have launched the first bank-agnostic PFM app in the Portuguese market, and its success reflects consumer demand for financial tools that really add value.”

Rui Negrões Soares

Head of Digital Bank Department at CGD

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For industry leaders

“We see situations where the Spending feature makes a real difference in people’s lives. We’re seeing incremental changes, in the amount the app is really being used - and people are taking action, themselves, to budget and set aside money.”

Wendy Redshaw

Retail Bank’s Chief Digital Information Officer at NatWest

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Tink API

One integration connects you to


Connections to all major banks across Europe


countries across Europe

Tink API

Meet the Tink platform

An ever-expanding suite of tools, SDKs, resources and guides developers use to build great products.

Tink Console - your open banking control panel

Easily tap into the world of open banking with the Tink Console – an intuitive developer interface that lets you access financial data and configure, customise, and manage your applications.

‘Best Developer Dashboard’

DevPortal awarded Tink as ‘Best Developer Dashboard’ for providing a great developer experience. 

Setup and configuration

Configure, customise, manage, and deploy access to the financial data powering your apps.

Usage reports

Get real-time usage and performance reports without the need for a third-party solution.

Team roles

Give the right level of access to team members within your organisation.

What does connecting to banks really mean?

Explore the full range of products through Tink Console, using test bank data for the complete testing experience. Dive into guides, resources and sample projects below to help you get up and running with your account.

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