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Frequently asked questions

What products does Tink provide?

Our offering consists of four products: account aggregation, payment initiation, data enrichment and personal finance management. They can all be implemented separately or together. For more information, click here.

How does Tink access bank data?

We access PSD2 data through the banks' dedicated interfaces. But Tink also has the capability to access data that goes beyond the PSD2 scope and we do this the same way that the banks talk to their mobile apps.

What markets are covered by Tink’s services?

See the latest update of our market coverage and Tink Link locale here

Do I need a PSD2 license or can I use Tink's one?

With the use of our tools, you can insure interoperability to enable receipt of data from us. We aggregate data under our licence at the instruction of the end-user. When we have aggregated the data, the data is transferred to you at the instruction of the end-user.