Open banking investments and use cases

2 min read|Published November 23, 2021
Report Investments and use cases

Are open banking investments growing? What use cases are financial executives in Europe most keen to pursue? Our third and final report for 2021 is out, with facts and figures on open banking investments and use cases based on our survey of financial executives across Europe.

In what probably comes as a surprise to no one – the pandemic impacted many financial institutions’ budgets, leading to an average open banking spend of €32 million across Europe. 

That being said, 47% report open banking budgets are on the upswing in 2021 – which seems to track with our finding on the use cases front. A majority of bankers highlighted several opportunities as ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important for their business.

So, where’s all that money going? It was a tight race, but payment initiation services stuck out as the top choice for 72% of executives. Out of the 14 use cases outlined in the report, the one that ranked lowest was still selected as a priority for 62% of respondents – which goes to show just how much interest there is, and for a wide range of opportunities. 

The report also covers: 

  • Which segments have seen a biggest increase in their open banking budgets

  • A deep dive into the use cases outlined in the report, and how priorities differ for some segments

  • How open banking is blurring the boundaries between industries, and giving rise to new market entrants 

Check our report page for a deeper dive into the results:

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